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Cardboard Boat Race Champions!!!

Two teams from Champion school were able to compete in this year's Cardboard Boat Race Competitions at the University of Lethbridge. The event is sponsored each year by Career Transitions, an amazing organization that gives students the opportunity to explore hands-on learning. Teams were given an hour and a half to construct a boat entirely out of cardboard. The are given a small roll of duct tape and a roll of packing tape to hold the structure together. After completion, the teams choose one member of the team to race their boat across the U of L pool. If they successfully complete this challenge, three members of the team must sit in the boat for 60 seconds. Teams are also awarded points for teamwork and design. After all of the points were tabulated, one of our teams was awarded 1st place!! Congratulations to both teams for representing our school so well!!!  

Visit: for more information.

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